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Why Can't Everyone Play Nice?

This post might seem very confusing to most. Why would I possibly promote other DJ companies?

Aren't we all competing for Google SEO, followers, gigs, credibility, and more?

Why would I make friends with other local Columbia MO DJs and their respective companies?

Let's step back for a second. I mean, we all have our different strengths right? Some DJ companies are price friendly, some have more experience, some offer an all-inclusive package.

Besides the idea that we all have our strengths, oftentimes, our schedules get filled out, and there is always room for referrals.

I think that by becoming friends with other local companies, we have only seen an increase in our growth as a company. Each DJ company will all still hold to reasons why YOU should choose US, but at the end of the day, playing nice and connecting with similar fields of business instead of talking trash and waging war is the best way to do business.

Whether your Columbia MO DJ is us or Millenium Productions or Complete Weddings or Set 2 Music or whoever, we hope you have the BEST WEDDING DAY!

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