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DJ Shark attack did a fantastic job with our wedding this past summer. They were responsive & professional, as well as attentive throughout the reception. Kept everything simple & easy which was great for us. These guys were great and we would definitely hire them again and recommend them to friends!

Brandi Huebner

As a venue owner, we work hard to find the best of the best to offer our clients. Dan and his staff are all that and more. The level of professionalism and attention to detail is beyond what you’ll get from anyone else. Above and beyond. Once at a wedding during dinner, I found him bussing tables and taking drink orders! He just “wanted to be helpful and get to know the guests”!! Do NOT look past DJ Shark Attack. His services are too important to your event!!!

Catherine Curtright

DJ Shark Attack was one of the main reasons that our ceremony and reception went smoothly! They made our wedding so much fun. We were so thankful for everything that they did. Highly highly recommend!!

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