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Photographer Highlight: Jennifer Wahlbrink

Photographers capture the joy of your wedding day for you and your family to cherish for the rest of your life. One of our favorite photographers is Jennifer Wahlbrink, a wedding photographer based in Columbia, MO.

We worked with Jennifer for Madison and Brian's wedding at Sager Reeves Gallery this August. Here are a few of our favorite moments she captured.


We love this classic shot of Madison with her flowers. The crisp white juxtaposed against the greens of the background makes Madison's dress and flowers pop.


Family portraits can often seem boring and stiff. We love the way that Jennifer highlighted the personalities of Brian and his parents. This photo beautifully captures the love and excitement for the day.


Similarly to the last picture, this candid shot of Madison and Brian walking around outside their venue captures the beauty of their love. Just look at how Madison is looking at Brian!

Looking for a wedding photographer? Make sure to check out Jennifer Wahlbrink!

Other vendors:

Catering: Belly Market

DJ: DJ Shark Attack (that's us!)

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