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How to Simplify Your Wedding

Looking for ways to simplify your wedding planning? Keep the months leading up to your wedding and your wedding day stress-free with these ideas. Here are four ways to have a simpler wedding.

1. Look for an all-inclusive venue.

Choose a venue that provides amenities such as catering, decorations, and space for ceremonies and getting ready. This takes some of the details of planning off of your plate and allows you to better enjoy your big day.

2. Hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator.

Leave the wedding planning to the professionals! By hiring someone to handle the details leading up to your big day, you get to enjoy the excitement of your wedding without getting caught up in all of the decisions.

3. Don't compare yourself.

Remember that your wedding is your wedding. Don't feel like your wedding has to be a certain way. Make it a day that you know you'll enjoy. No one else's opinion matters but your own!

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