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How to Have the Best Dance Floor

A key piece of an unforgettable wedding is a dance floor filled with fun, laughter, and all of your closest friends and family. But how can you be sure that your dance floor is a memorable one?

Here are 3 tips for the best dance floor at your wedding:

Photograph by Cooper Dennett.

Set the tone.

Your wedding guests are there to see YOU. If you spend time on the dance floor, your guests are sure to follow. Chat and mingle early in the night so that by the DJ starts to build excitement on the dance floor, you can enjoy dancing with your guests.

Build the ideal dance floor.

A dance floor is more than just the DJ and your wedding guests. Other factors that play into the ideal dance floor include proper speakers, fun lights, and a smaller dancing area. These pieces help your guests feel more comfortable dancing the night away.

Hire a good DJ.

DJs make or break your wedding reception. Hire a DJ you trust to play the songs you love (and skip the songs you don't). A good wedding DJ understands what the crowd wants to hear in order to keep the party going.

Want to make sure you have the best wedding dance floor ever? Contact us to get started.

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