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5 Must-Discuss Topics With Your Wedding DJ Beforehand

Hiring an amazing DJ is one of the keys to an incredibly fun and memorable wedding reception. But having a solid game plan and being on the same page with your DJ is crucial. Open communication and laying out your vision ahead of time will ensure things go off without a hitch.

At DJ Shark Attack, we like to have in-depth consultations with our couples before their big day. Here are 5 important topics we recommend reviewing with your DJ:

  1. Overall Vision and Vibe: Share the vision and ambiance you want to create for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Are you going for an elegant, classic vibe? A high-energy, club-like atmosphere? Or a mix of different moods and cultures? Discussing the overall vibe upfront allows your DJ to plan song selections and transitions appropriately.

  2. Timeline and Event Schedule: Provide a detailed outline of your day-of timeline from start to finish. This allows your DJ to plan out announcements, ambiance playlists for different portions, coordination for key moments like introductions and dances, and when to ramp up or tone down the energy levels. Having this mapped out prevents delays or abrupt transitions.

  3. Personal Preferences: Make sure to review your specific must-play and do-not-play lists for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception music with your DJ. This could include beloved jams you want perfectly timed out, musical no-go's due to lyrics, or genres to avoid based on your personal tastes and guest backgrounds.

  4. Special Traditions and Dances: If incorporating unique customs, choreographed dances or performances from your culture, go over all the details. This allows your DJ to properly prepare - from queuing up specific songs and hits to audio and lighting enhancements. Clear communication avoids potential snafus.

  5. Venue and Logistical Details: Discuss all venue logistics and technical requirements like space constraints, setup instructions, whether you need audio for an outdoor area, and electrical power access. Your DJ can then arrive fully prepped and coordinate seamless load-in with venues and other vendors.

The more preparation and collaboration done upfront, the smoother your entire soundtrack and experience will flow from ceremony to send-off. Rest assured, the DJ Shark Attack crew has your production management covered!

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