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3 Best Props for Your Wedding Dance Floor

Are you looking for ways to make the dance floor at your wedding unforgettable? One easy way to add some fun is by including props! Here are three props that could help take your wedding to the next level.

1. Light Sticks

One of the easiest ways to add some hype and color to the dance floor is by buying some light sticks for your guests to dance with. Whether they decide to use them as a fake microphone, an air guitar or drumsticks, guests love to dance with light sticks.

Here is a link to check some out.

2. Cowboy Hats

Whether you're a country music fan or you just want a disco cowboy-themed wedding reception, cowboy hats can add some extra fun to your dance floor. For an added layer of excitement, try out light-up cowboy hats.

Here is a link to check some out.

3. Glasses

Who doesn't love a fun pair of sunglasses? Buy a pack of colorful and funky sunglasses and pass them out on the dance floor. People will love to dance around with them on. Once again, try out light-up sunglasses for even more fun.

Here is a link to check some out.

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