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Why The Name?

The most common question I get is: Why the name? Why is your name DJ Shark Attack?

WELL, it is a story that begins back in 2012 in the basement of an east campus college house at the University of Missouri.

Daniel Moore was hanging out with a group of friends, Ben & Jack. Ben went by DJ Boomerang and Jack by Dj Press Play.

Daniel had no idea what he was doing in the Dj world but simply wanted to have a fun time dancing to "Sandstorm" by Darude at the strike of midnight (as was the custom at each dance party that occurred at this house).

DJ Boomerang (ben) asked Daniel to hop onto the Dj stand and learn how to run the game. Before doing anything, Daniel was asked to come up with his DJ name. It was Shark Week and so the name came immediately to Daniel...

From there, DJ Shark Attack was born. With a terrible transition and a terrible song selection that night, Daniel began his career as a DJ.

Daniel moved on to the wedding world with his passion for people and added on a team of DJs from Columbia, MO that love to keep the party stress-free, energized, and specific to each and every couple we work with.

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