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What You Don't Want In A DJ

When it comes to weddings, our group of DJs based out of Columbia, MO know what it takes to put on a fantastic wedding day.

Yet! We run into people worried that things are going to not go well. I think this comes from people experiencing rough DJs in the past weddings they have attended. Here are some things to avoid when it comes to DJs.

  1. The Obnoxious DJ - This DJ talks too much and doesn't know when to put the mic down. This wedding day isn't about the DJ! It is about the bride and groom, so please make sure the focus is in the right spots

  2. The Absent DJ - This DJ doesn't share enough information and people seem lost throughout the night. This DJ steers from the timeline and avoids making sure things are staying on schedule. You don't want the absent DJ running your day!

3. The Unaware DJ - Some DJs just don't know what music is relevant to the dance floor

at hand. I have seen (as a guest of weddings) DJs that run through a very stale outdate

system. Older generation songs for the first half and slowly fade into modern stuff.

This is no longer the route to go! Bounce around! Have fun with it and connect with

people as the dance floor sees fit!

While we travel all over the state of Missouri, we love to celebrate with our local couples in Columbia, MO. Let our team of DJs be the professional, aware, and energized crew to emcee your entire day!

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