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Unveiling the Hottest Wedding Hits of the Moment: DJ Shark Attack's Top Tracks from the 2020s

Hey there, all you trendsetting lovebirds and dance enthusiasts! Looking to infuse your wedding with the freshest beats and latest hits? Look no further, because DJ Shark Attack is here to bring you the ultimate guide to creating a modern and unforgettable wedding playlist. Get ready to groove, celebrate, and dance the night away with these chart-topping tracks from 2020 to the present!

  1. "Levitating" - Dua Lipa Let's kick off your modern wedding playlist with a burst of energy and positivity! Dua Lipa's "Levitating" is a feel-good anthem that'll have your guests hitting the dance floor and celebrating love in style.

  2. "Blinding Lights" - The Weeknd The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" brings a touch of retro synth-pop to your wedding. Its catchy melody and electrifying beats will create an energetic and unforgettable dance party.

  3. "Save Your Tears" - The Weeknd Another hit from The Weeknd! "Save Your Tears" is a perfect choice for a romantic and emotional slow dance, adding depth and intimacy to your special day.

  4. "Stay" - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber Ready for a modern duet that'll tug at your heartstrings? "Stay" is a collaboration that perfectly captures the emotions of love, making it an ideal track for a soulful dance with your partner.

  5. "Peaches" - Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon Bring on the summer vibes with Justin Bieber's "Peaches." This laid-back and catchy hit is a fantastic addition to your wedding playlist, setting the tone for a relaxed and joyful celebration.

  6. "Good 4 U" - Olivia Rodrigo Olivia Rodrigo's breakout hit is a must-play for a high-energy dance session. "Good 4 U" will have your guests singing along and dancing like nobody's watching.

  7. "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" - Lil Nas X Ready to bring some boldness to your wedding playlist? Lil Nas X's "Montero" is a daring and empowering track that'll have your guests talking and dancing in awe.

There you have it, lovebirds! DJ Shark Attack's carefully curated selection of the hottest wedding hits from 2020 to the present. We're here to transform your wedding into a modern dance extravaganza that'll have your guests raving long after the party ends. Ready to light up your wedding with the latest hits and DJ Shark Attack's signature style? Our talented DJs know just how to blend the current chart-toppers with timeless classics, creating a playlist that reflects your unique love story. Contact us now to secure your date and let's make your wedding a musical sensation that'll have everyone talking – with DJ Shark Attack, your dance floor dreams come true!

(Note: For a contemporary wedding DJ experience, reach out to DJ Shark Attack. Let's groove to the latest beats and make your wedding an unforgettable celebration of love and music!)

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