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Finding the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Love Story

At DJ Shark Attack, we've witnessed countless first dances that gave us all the feels. Your first dance song as newlyweds sets the mood for an incredibly meaningful moment - those first romantic moves on the dance floor to celebrate your union. So how do you pick the perfect track for this special spotlight?

Look to Your Love Story for Inspiration

Think about lyrics or melodies that remind you of your journey together. Was there a song playing during your first date, first kiss, or proposal that would make for a sweet full-circle moment? Maybe there's an inside joke or nicknames you can tie into the song choice. Drawing inspiration from your personal love story automatically makes it more meaningful.

Some examples we've seen from couples:

  • A bride's favorite One Direction song when she first fell for her high school sweetheart

  • The funk/soul playlist they bonded over while studying together in college

  • His grandfather's favorite Sinatra classic to honor family ties

Go With What Describes Your Relationship

Let the song lyrics speak to your unique bond and shared experiences. Upbeat, playful songs with cheeky lines about a flirtatious courtship could be perfect for fun-loving partners. Slow jams emphasizing devotion might suit more romantic duos. Think about words and melodies that capture your vibe as a couple.

Memorable examples:

  • A quirky couple's first dance to "You're My Best Friend" by Queen

  • Country sweethearts two-stepping to a Tim McGraw ballad

  • High school friends-turned soulmates grooving to an Usher/Alicia Keys collab

Embrace Tradition or Make Your Own

In some cultures, there are beautiful customary songs for first dances steeped in tradition, heritage, and special choreography. For a Latin couple, a sultry salsa number could have sentimental family meaning. Switching between a parent's native language song and a raucous party anthem captures generational duality.

Other couples craft an original soundtrack by blending elements meaningful to them - a spoken word intro from their vows leading into a pop/rock favorite. A talented friend or family member performing a surprise rendition makes it even more personal.

No matter what direction you take, the DJ Shark Attack crew has you covered to make your first dance one to remember forever. Just focus on having fun and savoring those blissful newlywed moments together on the dance floor.

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