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5 Tips for An Energized Dance Floor

There are so many misconceptions about what makes a great dance floor. High end alcohol? Lots of people? Turns out these aren't factors.

1. Bride and Groom Gotta Dance: The best way to get a dance floor going and keep a dance floor going is if the bride and groom are out there! Turns out, people are traveling from far and wide to see the bride and groom. So, if they are out on the dance floor, that is where people want to be!

2. Less Light is Better: Turns out, we all feel self conscious while dancing. While a lot of people opt in to up lighting, it usually doesn't help the crowd feel more comfortable. Remember high school - when the chaperones kept turning the lights on at homecoming? People like dancing in the dark because you can be yourself and enjoy your wedding day without fear.

3. Line Dance/Group Dance Songs: As a wedding dj, I often get asked about line dances/group dance songs. It's true, some people love to dance to cupid shuffle, while others don't. The key is not group dance songs, but rather songs that everybody knows. Turns out the true "bangers" are family friendly songs like "We Are Family" or "Can't Stop the Feeling" or "Uptown Funk." Doesn't mean we shouldn't throw in some hip hop here and there!

4. Fighting the Competition: Often times, people love to add in yard games outside. This is fun and not always a bad thing, but it does cause competition for those that are self conscious to dance. Yard games are a thing that are easy to do and don't require putting yourself out there. Less is more!

5. Less Space is Better: Back to our light conversation. The more space, the more self conscious people feel. If you have a big dance, floor, try shrinking it down by renting a raised dance floor to make people squeeze together. Aren't those tight, close parties the most fun??

Reach out with any tips or tricks needed, even if you don't plan to use us as your dj!

Dan Moore | Columbia, MO

Wedding DJ | 314-809-7724

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