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2024 Trends to Watch

In 2024, weddings are all about creating unforgettable moments that resonate with both the couple and their guests. As DJ Shark Attack, we ride the wave of this year's hottest music and entertainment trends, ensuring every Missouri wedding we DJ is as memorable as it is unique.

Trending Music Styles and Songs

This year's music trends see a delightful mix of genres, ensuring there's something for every couple. From the energy-driven beats of EDM to the soulful rhythms of R&B, and the comforting melodies of country, 2024's wedding music scene is diverse and vibrant. Imagine setting the reception alight with tracks like Kygo & Ava Max's EDM hit "Whatever," or slowing things down with Naomi Sharon's R&B serenade "Nothing Sweeter." Whether it's the modern dance vibes of "All Night Long" by Kungs, David Guetta & Izzy Bizu, or the country charm of "All the Way" by Shane Smith & the Saints, your DJ sets can capture the essence of every couple's love story​​.

Creating Themed Wedding Experiences

Themed weddings are making a comeback, offering endless creative opportunities for your DJ sets. Whether it's a vintage 20s soirée requiring jazz classics or a fantasy-themed celebration calling for epic soundtracks, your ability to curate music that complements the wedding theme will be invaluable. This approach not only sets the tone for the entire celebration but also makes each wedding you DJ distinctly memorable.

By embracing these music trends and broader wedding themes, DJ Shark Attack can offer couples in Missouri a service that's both cutting-edge and deeply personal. Our expertise in crafting the perfect musical backdrop, combined with an awareness of 2024's wedding trends, undoubtedly makes DJ Shatk Attack a sought-after DJ for couples looking to make their special day truly unforgettable.

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