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Why Ceremony Sound? 🤔

Some people wonder whether they should use a DJ for a ceremony. Here are 3 quick reasons why.

  1. Ceremonies never go the same timing as a rehearsal. The reality is people get nervous and walk more quickly or slowly! Having a Dj means we can loop the song back to certain points so that the big bride moment is never missed!

  2. You can hear the vows! We want to hear these important words shared between a bride and groom. Having a handheld mic keeps these words previous but projected to those that are guests.

  3. You don't have to ask your friends/family to play a song through their phones. It's a big bummer to be invited to a wedding only to have to experience tons of pressure of timing a song correctly from an iPhone through speakers. Let them relax and hire a group of professional DJs.

As a reminder, we are a group of DJs located out of Columbia, MO, but we travel all over the state of Missouri and further! Reach out to us for a quote!

Photo Above by Bingham Creative Co

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